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Fashion & Lifestyle Published: September 20, 2007

Asian director C-Le shows us how it’s done in motion picture game!

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Name: C-Le (Chris Le)
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Website: www.cle-gfx.com or www.myspace.com/cleblue7

Whats good Chris, tell me about yourself and exactly what you do!
I’m a professional graphics designer and music video director. I’ve been doing this for 3-4 years professionally. I enjoy what I do and all the aspects about it. Its Art, it’s what I love. I’ve worked with The Game, Sean Kingston, DJ Skee, Nu Jerzey Devil, Shiest Bub of Purple City, Trae tha Truth, DJ Warrior, and many other majors.

How did you start your career?
A couple years back when I was a junior in high school, we were given an assignment to design an abstract portrait of our music idols. I chose Snacky Chan, a rapper from Boston. I sent the piece to an email I found on his website and to my surprise, he responded back and offered me a job to design his album artwork. I got invited to his major album release party where I met Jin and other Asians doing it big in the industry. This is where I decided to continue this path as a designer and work with majors on their projects. Being Asian, it was very hard to follow my dream because of my parents; they wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer. After a huge buzz in my name, they then realized that this was my future career. So then from here on out, things couldn’t have been better. Everyday something good happens, new projects for major celebrities, music video shoots and lots more! Even my works appeared on MTV.

Before all of this what was your previous occupation?
I was a photo touch up artist at my family’s photography business, that is what gave me the skills to design all my layouts.

What is your opinion on Asian people in the entertainment world?
We blowing up. Jin has basically opened up a hole for us to get into; I’m just trying to make that hole into a bigger gate. You don’t have to be a rapper to get into the music industry, just follow the talents you have an apply them. It will get you there, trust me.

Who are some of the key people you are working with right now?
I’m currently working with Black Wall Street and all the Art Direction, DJ Warrior, Cool and Dre, and a bunch of others.

What do you think makes you different from other people in entertainment?
I’m in for the love of it, not really much for money. I love what I do, and I will stick with art forever.

How has the journey been for you? Has it been a rough one or easy way?
It has been very rough, since grade school I was always into art. Art even brought me lots of drama with my life; I lived through it and survived through it. And like I said, being asian, my parents didn’t think art would be a supportive future for me, but I stuck with it and I’m doing well.

Who are some of your inspirations?
Mike Orduna (Fatoe), Chuck Anderson and Hype Williams. These dudes are like my gods of art. I love their work and I’m inspired by it.

Where do you see yourself one year from now?
Still doing my thing, my visions will be seen world wide.

Any additional information you would like for us to know?
Yeah, I’m blowing up! So stay tuned for more crazy news! Shout outs to my Newbirth Family! 2youn7, Wang, D-Sepshun, Calico and Blocks and the others. Also  Shout outs to Tommy Gunnz, Tasiri, J.P, Black Wall Street, DJ Warrior, DJ Noble, 2007 is going to be our year! Stay Up!

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  1. Dark SouJah on September 20, 2007 11:20 pm

    cLe GfX > any GfX (besides my stick figures)

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