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Featured, Indie Focus Published: May 23, 2013

Austie Frostie – 99 Rappers

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Check out the new song from Austie Frostie – 99 Rappers

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Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I’m from Fort Collins, Colorado, now living in Denver. I started making my music back in high school and playing house parties. In 2012 I played a battle of the bands in Fort Collins with my DJ, DJ Dabble. That’s where I met Gretchen who is now my manager. From there it took off super quick and we started playing shows all over Colorado and have even been invited to play Adventure Camp Music Festival this year. It’s been a lot of fun.

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
The song featured here is 99 Rappers off my newest CD titled Rebuilt. It’s one of my favorites, a lot of fun live. It’s basically a general concept about my music and how I’m trying to be a little bit different than most rappers you hear now a days.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far is finding the right crowd for my music. I first started getting booked on shows that weren’t really my style of rap. I like to think I’m more of an old school feel and I’d be playing with juggalo-type artists. No disrespect, it’s just the crowd wasn’t there to really hear my type of music.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
The biggest setback so far would be my move to Denver simply because I had more of a fan base up north in Fort Collins, it was tough getting a turn out at my first shows down here. It obviously wasn’t a bad thing though since now my name is growing in multiple cities, it was just tough at first.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Something I see a lot of is artists not knowing how to pace themselves. Whether it’s playing too many shows in a small area too quickly, releasing too much music too quickly, whatever. I’ve seen artists basically get burned out when they don’t see immediate results. It’s not gonna work like that, it takes time to be prepared for that.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
The biggest contribution to my success thus far is the people I have behind me. My DJ, manager, merch girl, and street team members. They help out with all the behind the scenes stuff and allow me to spend more time focusing on my music. So that’s my suggestion, is to build yourself a team of people who want to see you succeed and grow with you.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
Live shows! My absolute favorite part of music is performing. I think it’s a much easier way to impress people with your music rather than them listening to it online or a CD because it brings so much more energy to songs. You can meet fans face to face, other artists, venue owners, all sorts of connections necessary to make it in the industry.

Where can people visit you?
I’m all over the internet, so whatever pleases you!

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  1. Anna on May 27, 2013 8:35 pm

    This beat is so amazing! The second it starts playing I can’t stop dancing.

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