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Features Published: June 28, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Bobby V – Staying True To R&B & Why Singers Should Do The Same

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Exclusive Interview: Bobby V – Staying True To R&B & Why Singers Should Do The Same

Bobby V was born Robert Wilson in Jackson, Mississippi. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended North Atlanta High School. Growing up V listened to Michael Jackson, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, and The Isley Brothers. Those were the artists that inspired him to become a R&B singer. He later returned to his old high school appearing on the debut episode of MTV’s Once Upon A Prom, which aired on May 19, 2007. V entered the music scene in 1996 as a member of the R&B youth quartet Mista, at this time using his real name, Bobby Wilson. Under the production of Organized Noize (TLC’s “Waterfalls”), the group released their self-titled debut album, which produced the chart topping single, “Blackberry Molasses”.

WWSMAG: Whats up Bobby, first of all, have you ever had a regular job; a nine to five job?
BV: What’s up man, well I never had a real job, I lead a different teen life, I did go to high school and in eleventh grade we lost our deal, and I went back to regular school. I played sports and then graduated later. Then for college I went to Clarke University and graduated from there. In high school I worked for my dad, he’s a horticulturalist and was in the organic movement; before all the organic stuff got popular haha.

When did you start your career? Also how did it happen for you?
I been around for a long time, when twelve we had the song Blackberry Molasses it was a pretty big song out here and I had a record deal. I was signed to Eastwest Electra and we were also signed. I grew up in Atlanta and was just getting into the music scene  at the same time as Outkast, and TLC, so I came up in that era back then. It was a good time for us. So, I’ve been around for quite a while actually haha.

What advice would you have to artists just starting out now a days?
It’s a tough industry and my best advice to them is to get to know the business. Just because you like it, it’s more of a business than an artform now a days, and you got to know the aspects of marketing and all the business aspects of being in the music industry in general. You need to know what you are getting into first and foremost. That is my advice right now.

How do you decide who to give a feature to, I see you with a lot of artists in the bay, but how do you decide that?
I got a great fanbase in the bay area, Kafani, me an Gucci have a song out there, I kick it with Jacka whenever I am out there too. The bay is the top three places that I go to because they show me a lot of love, and the women are beautiful. The bay area vibe is also very different than Los Angeles. People think that all of California is like Los Angeles, but the bay has some different stuff going on. I work with the bay often, that’s my thing haha.

What do you think about how music is evolving?
That’s where the game is going, there was a point when R&B was the focal point, then Hip Hop. There was a time when east coast Hip Hop was at the top, and then the west coast was all gangsta rap, and then the south with Master P and all them. So now, music is at a more Pop driven theme. Me personally, I’m not mad at the versatility, but I always stayed true to the R&B form. When I used to go to eighth grade dances or the prom, it was all slow dancing; they don’t even do that anymore. I stayed true to the art form. Mirror with Lil Wayne, I just released it, it’s a dope record, its not a fist pump record either. So I stay true, that’s my opinion.

Any artists you want to work with that you haven’t work with yet?
I wanna work with Kanye. I worked with everyone else from Timbaland, Pharrell to Rodney jerkins already. I cant wait for that day that me an Kanye get together, and make some magic

What can we expect from the next project?
Its good R&B project that people gotta make love. They can’t party all night right haha. I’m staying true to R&B.  The album is called Dusk to Dawn because that’s my grind. I’m up all night, im like a vampire haha. The album drops October 2nd and the new single Mirror is out right now. The Itunes version is an extended version, it’s the same song but I go crazy at the end. Its worth the extra to buy it on Itunes you know what I mean haha.

Who are you listening to right now?
I like Drake a lot he’s extra dope, I like his vibe. I like 2 Chainz; me and him came up together, we were both signed to DTP at the same time. ,Meek Millz doing his thang, I like the classic stuff like D’angelo, Raphael saadiq and when it comes to r&b, the classic stuff is what inspires me. I like Trey Songz and all that, but I listen more to the classics haha.

How has the industry changed since you got your start?
When I first signed to  and Def Jam, it would be pretty simple to good record; I turned it in and they did what they did. Now if you turn it in, they look at you crazy. Now the artists has a job. Everyone now has iphone and phones with cameras, and if they want a pic with you, you’ve got to let them get a pic. If your fans tweet you saying “I just saw Bobby V at the airport” you gotta tweet back. The social networking is the thing that has most changed since I got my solo deal.

What do you recommend to stay relevant in the industry today?
Making good solid music, you can’t put out boo boo music. Once you get a fan base, be loyal to it and stay true! Peace out!


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