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Features Published: January 2, 2013

Exclusive Q&A With Strange Music’s Own Stevie Stone On Music Success

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Exclusive Q&A With Strange Music’s Own Stevie Stone On Music Success

WWSMAG: Stevie, how did you get your start in music?
SS: I was supposed to play ball two years for a full ride! I worked at McDonalds, Hardees, but I never could really do it. I knew it wasn’t for me. After my first show I knew it was going to take off. Two days later reality hit me, that’s what I’ve been on since then. Seeing Tech building it from grassroots put a lot into me and it forced me to do it early in my career. Now I’m following the same footsteps. Tech taught me to go where no one else has gone. My first concert was in 2000 when I was about to graduate. I got a full ride to play basketball and decided not to go. I’ve played instruments and I’ve always been musically inclined. So I went full force with the music, and I feel I have made the right decision. Music is in my blood.

What advice would you have to artists just starting out?
Get lost in your music and don’t take no for an answer, work hard and be focused on your goals that will help you reach your potential. There is no point in doing things half-ass with no results. The way to do it is to make sure that you can reach the goals you need to. We dropped in june, I dropped an EP in October, and now I’m working on the next album. Do it!

What do you think about how music is evolving into today?
I think its good for music to evolve every place has its own swing that’s what music is about being creative being an artist music is going to evolve, that’s the beauty of it

Any artists you want to work with that you haven’t yet?
I’ve worked with Yelawolf and George Clinton and on the next album I want to work with DMX. I really want to get a track with Busta Rhymes, Brotha Lynch Hung and Recording Conflict, so I’m excited about it but I have some tricks up my sleeve. Be on the lookout!

Who are you listening to right now? Who are you feeling at the moment?
A lot of strange music people, Kendrick Lamar a lot, Meek Millz, Rick Ross and I like a lot of music. I also like 2 Chainz. I listen to a lot of music so whatever is new, I’m on it.

How has the industry changed since you started in the game?
Its easier now even for guys like me; you can touch so many people the internet is international now. Technology is growing, even if they can’t afford the music they can still get it, now we’re able to do 56 videos on a project, even if MTV and BET are not playing it. Its great, you can get your voice heard, and don’t need to major outlets to get out there.

What do you recommend artists do to stay relevant?
Continue to grow, continue to do shows, going town to town shaking hands and kissing babies, making my business every lap is a ladder stay; focused and work hard, don’t worry about the result, let the music take me, utilize it, keep it moving, and you will be able to succeed. You cannot just sit around and expect to keep the interest of the listeners, you need to keep your name and your music out there.

Will you stay with strange music?
I love strange music, it’s a dream come true my first show ever was with strange 12 yrs ago. Tech worked close with me and I keep working with him because of the major influence he has had on my music, and he has given me opportunities that others didn’t or could.


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