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Features Published: July 31, 2012

J.R. The Hitmaker – Successful Tips For Independent Hip Hop Producers

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J.R. The Hitmaker – Successful Tips For Independent Hip Hop Producers

Tell me how you got into the music industry as a producer. Where did this start?
I got into the music industry as a producer when I was first introduced to this program called “FruityLoops” back in the 8th grade. After I sold my first beat in the 9th grade, I’ve been going hard at producing ever since. It started with me playing the drums when I was real young, then I crossed over to creating music digitally.

Who were some of your inspirations during your journey?
I’ve always been inspired by producers like Timbaland, Kanye west, Drumma Boy, etc. lol way to many to name. Also, different music/business moguls like Diddy, Jay Z, & Birdman.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career?
Two of the most memorable moments right of the back would be one, when I sold my first beat in the 9th grade for $5. It wasn’t much, but back then it bought lunch lol; it made me go harder too. Another memorable moment would have to be creating my production site (www.jrhitmaker.com). I didn’t know I would gain so much exposure from people all over the world.

When you produce a peice of music, how are royalties split between you and the artist?
To be honest, I’ve never seen a dime of any Royalties. Artist I’ve worked with this far haven’t had any radio play. But just incase they do, I always send out a contract after they purchase which states the percentages and everything for royalties, etc.

From what you’ve been through and seen, what is the hardest thing about being a producer/musician?
So far, the hardest thing about being a producer would be standing out trying to be the first at something that hasn’t been done in the producer world. So much has been done already, so by the time I do come up with some dope idea, as soon as I look up, somebodies already doing it lol.

What equipment or programs are you currently using?
Currently I’m only using a midi controller keyboard, a build computer, Red Rockit KRK 6′s, and a lot of different plug-ins like Kontakt, Nexus2, Sylenth, etc.

What is your opinion on digital music creating programs and software? How is the quality compared to analog?
At first, I didn’t think It was much a difference, But after using a few boards i noticed a HUGE quality change in sound. I still use VST plug-ins, but personally I know that hardware supplies a better quality of sound.

What are some cool tips you can give to other producers that are not on your level yet?
The best advice I could give right now is to grind, be creative, and NEVER get too comfortable; especially when you start seeing that money coming in. Being on the net, I’ve noticed that there are thousands of dope producers who want the same thing you want. Go hard! Loose sleep if that’s what it takes to get where you want to be.

What do you think separates a good producer from a great one?
Personally, I think there is a lot that separates the two. But a great producer will always go the extra mile; that could mean going to school to study their craft, staying up a few hours longer than he/she usually does in the studio, dare to be different, and experience of course. There’s countless things that separates the two.

If I wanted to start and compose some of my,own music, where would I start?
The first step I would say would be investing. Try out different programs such as F.L Studio, Cubase, Reasons, Protools, etc, and see which one fits you best. After that, just create as much as you can 24/7 and eventually you might find yourself getting better at it.

How much money does it cost to start doing what you are doing? Equipment and software wise.
It doesn’t cost much. Most people these days already have a desktop or laptop. If not, I would definitely recommend getting a buildt CUP to assure you won’t run out of space anytime soon lol. As far as midi control, VST plug-ins, monitors, a domain, etc, your not even looking at $1500. Ofcourse I’ve invested way more than that lol, but for someone who is really interested in producing music, a basic set up could make you rich. Look at producers like Lex; he didn’t need $20,000 to get him where he is.

Where can we hear your stuff!?
Check out www.jrhitmaker.com for some of the hottest beats on the net.


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  1. Jabrielle Rael on August 1, 2012 8:25 pm

    Did this interview a while back…. S/O 2um… http://t.co/uRYjZ4lz

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