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Featured, Indie Focus Published: July 22, 2012

JMill – Dee Jay Music

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Check out the new song from JMill – Dee Jay Music

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Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I am JMill, am from Austin Texas. I moved to San Antonio Texas when I was, 2 years of age. When I was younger, I was always creative, receiving awards, ribbons, medals, certificates, for my efforts in things I have succeeded in. Things like academics, ROTC, karate, physical fitness. I first started listening and doing music early in my life when someone I knew gave me some instrumentals. Since then I’ve stuck with it. It’s been said I am great at what I do. I have collaborated with other artist as well a while back. Since then, I have picked up video mixing, that’s when I started JMill Media Productions. I got my stage name JMill by j being the first letter of my name and Mill for the half of my last name J Mill.

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
Indie rap and trance music is what I do. I am, marveled by electronics and productions. I like trance and a creator of mixers of music with video features, djs, dvjs, or artist like that resonates with me because of the mixer of video and music assembled by them. To me that’s amazing. Also rap, I sing rap lyrics; this I got from the gangster rap scene. Hip hop artists are highly creative, so I keep my lyrics real, tough, entertaining, and original.

My lyrics to this song are about, rhythm, dance, entertainment, and what motivates and moves me. Comparing it to Egypt wonders. Trying to get people rocking, and shouting out to those who make this possible; the artists and producers. Just making lyrics that are original and creative, the whole 9 yards, with intelligence, independence, and confidence. So I gave it a electronic feel, singing about quality, trying to create perfection, trying make it in the industry with good music. Also how djs, dvjs, or musicians are making it. So I named my song I am promoting Dee Jay Music, made by me, JMill. Its a simple beat to move to or nod your head to. Made with, Fruity Loops Studios and M-audio Torq, It’s all about the love of music and enjoyment of entertainment.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
I would say developing myself confidence, it’s hard to become an entertainer and please a crowd of those that are paying attention to you at all. I got to know my stuff, be professional, be correct, and perfect; it’s hard, still I try harder. Getting viewed, there’s so much talent, so I have to come with it and demand space for JMill Media Productions. For real, every fight on the way to the top of the mountain top is the most difficult thing I will ever have to go through in my life. Even getting heard at all is difficult as well, people want quality so quality is what I deliver. I have a YouTube, it’s difficult being viewed there as well, same go for my blogspot. I just became a member on djlist, I just got a dj profile on, djlist and started my own, record label, JMILLMEDIA records. It’s posted on my YouTube. Expect songs on sell, to download, and DJ gigs.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
There’s been times I have had money and bought somethings I didn’t really need when there other things i could have bought, that could have benefited me. There’s been instruments I could have bought and needed, and mixers, beat machines. The main and important thing, more than all, is save money for things you might need for yourself in the future. Sometimes picking the right, instrument is the hardest thing and knowing when to quit when you’re a head.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
School, doing good in school comes before all this. I was a good student, with awards, ribbons, medals, to prove it; still I clowned around a lot and that totally was unacceptable. School’s to learn, play later, but if I could go back I would never clown or play that piece of paper; I’m talking about my diploma – all that matters. That says without words, I’m not a clown or fool, I am smart, I am a learner, I can apply for a job and be great at my job that i love; I realize this now.

I started out great at school, but fell behind, no one took me serious, no one was there to pick me up, lend a hand, or care. I felt like it’s me against the world, but the world not against me. I have potential and it almost slipped away from me. I am strong, solid, firm, rough, tough, and hard to the core. Still I was full of pride, now I am on right path. I am 22 years old and just received my high school equivalence diploma, home school, thanks to great teachers, schools, and people who took their time with me to help me learn and grow. Now I got accepted into collage and also am making up for lost time.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Be careful of wannabes, fakes, frauds, cons, rip offs, thieves trying to rob you for what you earned, created, and have, and violent people. This entertaining thing is not worth a life. That goes to show how some people can be, there are good people and there’s bad people; shady people, haters, trouble makers, rude people, people hate what they don’t understand. People want things for free, nobody wants to work for it – they’re trash, no good at all, and will never get no where. Hateful people, stay away from them and don’t be one of them – that’s no good. Dump them, dump ‘em fast.

People may want to bring you down maybe because you have something they want or wish they had what you have that they don’t; this is real talk. For anything, people look for anything, to be start something. Just don’t pay any mind, like I said there, no good at all and not worth a penny to you. Keep things to yourself, do not give people anything to feed on. Your business is your business. Someone may want you down for no reason or maybe some bad reason. Bad people don’t like to see something good, so stay aware of that at all times and be on your guard of these types of things.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Learn, educate yourself, be open minded, be cool. It’s alright to be solid, but you don’t want to push people away. Entertainment’s not a contest, it’s an art, a lifestyle, a way you carry yourself. Do your own thing, be you, people love you for you, not for being who they want you to be. Remember it’s all for the love of music and entertainment. Keep a clear head, stay healthy, do good in school. Like Obama said you might, be the next Lil Wayne, other wise stay in school.

You need a good, support system, so keep positive people around you and that are talented. Do not let that, slip away, use that to your advantage. Take risks, minimal chances are going to pop up, maybe a party, maybe a rave, open your mouth, speak, mingle, socialize, friend them. You never know who you might friend and they might be connected to the underground or music world, you never know. So have a great attitude, you want a good vibe. So your now building a foundation and your getting out to a great start, now the builder needs tools; try to save and develop sound, uniqueness, rhythm, a stage, or good working environment. This means instruments, software, maybe a chromakey screen and mixers. to develop great pieces of art. If you can every great piece of art needs a show man, that’s where you come in. Also you need know how to go along with that. That’s the missing piece, to the puzzle. Collect files, tracks, lyrics, vocals, your collaborations, you might need a camera, or camcorder to film, or capture all of this. Don’t be afraid to speak, remember questions are free. Spend money on the what benefits, not on what does not. Remember do what you’re good at, not what is going to be a totally waste of time. And develop your reputation.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
MySpace, Soundcloud, and amazon.com for sure. I created a MySpace page at first, it was kinda sloppy, then I developed an eye for it. I also became versatile in electronic media, now I have over 5000 views on my MySpace page alone; just awesome. I can’t sum it up in any other word. Soundcloud is awesome as well, it lets me upload tracks, it gives me the option to upload an art cover to my track as well. There I set your track as a free download or add a link to where people can buy the track by download or just jam to it. I think it’s the coolest. Amazon’s off the hook, they have self publishing and createspace where I can,upload my track to be sold free of charge; they have great items to sell as well.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
My sites, they are full of a lot of action and things going on. So comment me, leave feed back and I will respond back. Like me, friend me on Facebook. Download my free downloads on Soundcloud, it’s just a click away for a free download. Follow me on Blogger. Twitter me and follow. View me and friend me on Myspace. Subscribe to my YouTube. Go to my dj and label profile, vote for JMILLMEDIA, so if any DJ or label needs an artist or label, I am open for collaboration. “It’s all about the music and entertainment.”

Where can people visit you?

Thank you WWS Mag for this opportunity and giving me this chance to be heard, the chance to feature my song, and to tell my story about myself. Coming straight from JMill Media Productions.


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  1. james miller on July 22, 2012 5:31 pm

    check out, the jmill, interview http://t.co/whAqaQic

  2. james miller on July 22, 2012 5:34 pm

    check out, the jmillmedia, interview http://t.co/whAqaQic

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