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Models Published: January 21, 2010

WWS MOD: Cyndee May

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wws magazineName : Cyndee May
Hometown :
San Diego
Occupation : Full time student
Ethnicity : Vietnamese
Height : 5’2
Measurements : 25-34b- 34

WWS Magazine : So tell us about a little about yourself ?
Cyndee May : First off, my name is Cyndee May and I was born and raised here in San Diego.
i am nothing more than just a simple average girl just making the best of
everything, everyday that I’m breathing . :]

WWS : How did you get into modeling ? How long have you been modeling for ?
CM : I just recently started modeling a few months ago . I started right when i hit 18 & I’ve been loving it ever since .

WWS : If you can change something about yourself, what would it be ?
CM : To be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing about myself . I am who I am & I look the way I look for a reason

WWS : Do you have any hobbies aside from modeling ?
CM : i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance . I have been dancing choreo for 4 years & i love every minute of it ..

WWS : If you could define yourself in one word what would it be ?
CM : Simple

WWS : What is something that turns you on ?
CM : 1.I absolutely love a guy who can dance. & I don’t mean sexy/freak dancing but someone who
can do choreo .
2.Someone who is super down to earth & humble . I hate people who have their heads shoved
so far up their ass

WWS : What is something that turns you off ?
CM : 1. Cockyness . I love a guy who’s confident but once you get too cocky &
self centered with it, you’re crossed off of my list
2. Guys who are just straight up rude with no respect for anyone
3. I can NOT stand clingy guys either . Thats an automatic HELL NO for me lol

WWS : Do you currently have a boyfriend ?
CM : No i don’t but I’m not looking either haha

WWS : Here is a fun one, What is your favorite position ?
CM : What ? Huh ? What are you talking about ? haha  >:]

WWS : What was the worse pick up line someone has used on you ?
CM : “Hey you look really familiar .. You look like the girl in my dreams”
PSH . SIKE ! But i don’t really think there is a “bad” pick up line . I think
its just how you approach with it .

WWS : Is there something you would like to accomplish before you turn 60 ?
CM : Theres so much that I want to do

WWS : What is your dream car ?
CM : Acura RSX <3

WWS : If you had one super power what would it be ?
CM : To be able to teleport. I would save sooooo much gas !

WWS : What is one of your weakness when it comes to food? What wins your heart ?
CM : I  just love food in general. I swear I spend most of my money on gas & food alone .
But If you can cook me a mean ass pasta .. ill love you forever haha

WWS : Is there a  song that annoys you the most at the moment ?
CM : Lady Gaga paparazzi . I liked it at first but damn, it gets pretty tiring after the 7th time in one day

WWS : What is your favorite club drink or liquor?
CM : Smirnoff watermelon . I think its because its one of the few drinks that doesn’t really taste like alcohol to me

WWS : Do you have any hidden talents you would like to share with us ?
CM : I can drive while putting on chap stick, changing my cd & talking on the phone at the same time haha I don’t know .

WWS : What are the five things you never leave home without?
CM : Cellphone .. keys .. eyeliner .. wallet .. & body spray

WWS : Honestly how many hours do you spend on Myspace or Facebook ?
CM : Depends if I’m stranded at home with absolutely nothing to do

WWS : What do you love about WWS Magazine ?
CM : The models on here are hot as hell & I LOVE hip hop & WWS Magazine represents exactly just that.

WWS : Any last words or shout outs to anyone ?
CM : To all my friends & family & to the photographers who has helped me get to this point in this journey.

Photo Credits : Larry Khong, Percival, A.Bautista


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  1. jeff chai on January 21, 2010 9:08 pm

    looks good cyndee congrats! this is jeff me my gf larry and brian we hang out in orange county few months ago.

  2. Vienna Quan on October 23, 2012 4:32 pm


  3. Steven Wong on October 23, 2012 4:36 pm


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